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Like the App. Allow copying/sharing.

I’d like the ability to copy the quotes text or a share button.

Acceptable execution

I like the idea of an app that reminds me of my death with relevant quotes. I think the app could be better, though: Should show quote in notification preview. Should show source, not just author, of quotes. Feels like it lacks strong editorialship of quotes. What does this quote have to do with death (other that in some sense everything human has to do with death)? “Ironically, we have traded one constancy for another. We have lost the constancy of the stars but gained the constancy of energy. The first is a physical object, the second a concept. Scientists cannot prove without a doubt that the total energy in a closed system is constant. But any violation of that principle would destroy the foundations of physics and suggest an unlawful universe. The idea of a lawful universe is itself an Absolute.” Why would you select this quote from Lightman instead? “The material of the doomed stars and the material of my doomed body are actually the same material. Literally the same atoms… It is astonishing but true that if I could attach a small tag to each of the atoms of my body and travel with them backward in time, I would find that those atoms originated in particular stars in the sky. Those exact atoms.”

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this App

Great quotes and a good companion to the app Headspace. Dan Harris’ Podcast 10% Happier brought me here


Shallow. Vapid. Repetitious. And often totally irrelevant. Attribution can not be verified by reliable sources. So it’s not just vapid shallow and repetitious but that would shallow repetitious hearsay.

Simple, Honest App, That Does What it's Meant to do

Great app! It's not addictive with too many bells and whistles. It's simple and it sends reminders to contemplate death. The reminders are quotes from a wide range of sources including: a medical manual, Buddhists, authors, entertainers (even RuPaul, who I didn't realize is so wise). It's definitely worth the money! I got the reminder once while contemplating whether to talk to a person at a networking event. My worrying mind was working it's magic until I got the reminder, which put the situation in perspective: is it a big deal if that person rejects me? One day I'm going to be dead. It motivated me to strike up a conversation, which is huge if you know me.

Needs one option

I’d give this app five stars if only I could change the number of notifications I get every day. As it stands right now I just get too many notifications. Please give us this option.

This is a good one

This works for me. Saw it on "the view" and felt they got the intention wrong. So I dropped 99 cents to give it a go. I've tried other phone apps to remind me to be in the moment and have deleted them. I have kept wecroak for 2 months and look forward to every new quote. But I like using death as an advisor.

Easily the most important app you can download


Great Idea - Weak Execution

The majority of the quotes are not really direct reminders of our mortality. The App would be more helpful with a much smaller catalogue of quotes that are directly on point. Much better to repeat quotes and do what the App promises than to meander for the sake of variety.

I like it.

It's comforting.

It’s form is function

The cold stare of death is packaged neatly into this minimal app. No frills or extras, it does what it is supposed to and does it fantastically well. Some quotes are practical, some are more abstract, but no matter what, the subtle and moving realization of death passes over your mind for enough time for you to explore this absurd and ephemeral thing called life.

Death & Impermanence

I love the WeCroak app. Great idea! Really helps w/ my daily contemplation of death & impermanence. I love the quotes: Extremely subtle and thought provoking. My one suggestion would be if there is someway for users to submit quotes for review and possible addition to the app. I think this could really expand the variety and quantity of the quotes, which are the best part! Thank you!

A very interesting app

This is a neat app, and I do find myself looking forward to seeing what quotes pop up. I would like an Apple Watch app for it, so I could even see it without having to open up the app on my phone. That would make it even better!

Worthy distraction

I got rid of news apps and all my social media except Instagram and added WeCroak. After two weeks of being interrupted by thoughtfully chosen quotes while scrolling through food and vacation photos, I deleted Instagram. WeCroak is the best app for busting the shiny bubble of the phone. I feel less silly and a bit happier.


Love the quotes. Could careless about Merck’s sales manual Would like to be able to copy and paste. Overall an app I really appreciate


I read about this in The Atlantic and the concept really peaked my interest. By the time I finished the article, I shelled out the .99 for the app and have been pleasantly pleased as peach. I can’t understand why people have taken issue with this to merit giving it anything below 5 stars. Anybody who says they’re looking for “darker” quotes or anything of the like is clearly too imperceptive to comprehend the simplistic morbidity the app offers in and of itself.

Odd that thinking about death has made me happier

...but I swear it has. The little reminders make me smile during a highly congested day. Why not choose to be happy when time is limited? I really appreciate this app. Thank you!

My Favorite Life-Affirming App

Well, I’ll be damned. Or not. Either way, this app is truly making me feel better about life. The quotes range from thought provoking to belly tickling and are culturally diverse, from Mark Twain to Octavia Butler to Buddha. It makes me smile whenever the notification pops up. Thank you, KKIT, for improving my quality of life through thoughts of death. xox Kate

Excellent and thought provoking

Wonderful app- not just about death and dying, but also about mindful living, often with gentle humor. I cannot recommend it enough!


Poor execution of a good idea. Not sure what the intent was but the outcome was really bad. Yes death is depressing but the messages with this app were such a downer that one would have a hard time getting your head around this concept. I deleted it with in the first day.

My favorite app

I’ve never felt compelled to write a review for an app. Probably because I’m one of those hippies who is trying to spend less time looking at their phone. Well, this app does the trick and then some. It’s a wonderful reminder for me to remain present and not take life for granted. It has actually affected my day-to-day life- small frustrations fall away easier, and I feel more grounded and focused. Worth way more than $1.

Not great

The quotes are often very loosely related to death. My phone is always on vibrate. The app never vibrates the phone when a “reminder “ comes. Also doesn’t notify the Apple Watch with either a noise or a haptic. If it’s not going to affirmatively poke me to remind me, then it doesn’t really work.

I like it

There have been improvements that make this really good. The developer is very responsive to questions and suggestions. Thanks guys!

Same quotes

I have gotten many repeats

Cool concept, but doesn’t work for me

I like the concept, but found that the repeated alerts didn’t really remind me of impermanence... just became too repetitive and desensitized the experience.

I never write reviews and this one is worth it

This app helps me stay grounded throughout the day, and keep my mind focused on what matters

Doesn’t complete download

Waiting to see if I’m charged. Download never completed.


Favorite app. Great job. I like it just how it is. My daily life is more interesting and I'm reminded how I want to spend my time. Thanks!

I love the idea but......

I'm not impressed by the selection of quotes. The connection of too many of them to the purported goal of the app seems tenuous. I like the idea but, given the 5 daily reminders, I'm finding it intrusive and underwhelming. There have to be better quotes on the subject of death and dying.

Why Am I Upset About...?

I like the selections of quotes. I do wish that the notification would instead have the quote. One less step in the phone.

nice idea but...

i enabled notifications and as advertised it posts many notifications each day but when you “swipe to view notification” it just shows you the same notification text again - not a nice quote. apparently you need to launch the app anytime you want to see a quote. not sure if this is an ios limitation or what? essentially it appears to just be an app that posts the same notification over and over again saying “don’t forget you’re gonna die”.


I love the concept, love the quotes. But 5 a day is a few too many for me. Perhaps the next update could include a optional setting for only one notification per day?

Getting boring

Within a few days the quotes start to repeat themselves. They need to have way more quotes in the system.

It’s the little things

What a I love about this app is that it really does do the mindfulness thing, it engages you for a moment to remember and reflect on the impermanence of life and then that’s it. Go on and do something else. You get a quote five times a day and you can’t scroll through them, no mindless scrolling here. There is a mix of poetic, spiritual and medical quotes about death. I like the mix of view points and thoughts, death is multi faceted and so are these quotes. Lovely little app.

Memento Mori

I like the daily reminders that motivate me to stay focused and pursposeful in life. I wish there were more quotes, and a greater variety of them, from Stoic, Epicurean, and multicultural sources.

Would love a “done” button

Would love a “done” button to exit app after reading quote. Also would like to see quote in notification. I think this app will improve over time. Great concept.

It’s fine

The quotes aren’t all about death and I was assuming they would be. I was thinking this app would remind me of the impermanence of life and that everything could end in a moment, but so far, after having this app a few days, the quotes haven’t been what I expected. I was hoping for more “darker” or “real” quotes about life and death, but only a few so far have been like that - was hoping for more to remind me that death is imminent and that life is fleeting. It would also be nice to have the quote in the notification instead of a reminder notification that prompts me to open the app to see the quote.

worth all 99 pennies

i read about this app in the atlantic and have been using it for about a week. it really does help put life’s daily grind into perspective. would recommend 10/10

Awareness of Death Brings Purpose to Life

How much time have you wasted mindlessly watching videos on YouTube? How many beautiful sunsets at the beach is that? I've wasted thousands of hours of my life. I'll waste thousands of hours more, I am sure, but now I do it with more focus on what I'm doing. It's been amazing eating meals as if they were my last. The taste and texture become things to be enjoyed and savored rather blending into the background as another yet mundane sense. At first, when downloading the app, I was stopped dead in my tracks with every notification. Reality hurts and I was not prepared for these "You are going to die" notifications. Slowly I began to change my outlook, from fear to apathy to now invigorated, motivated, and inspired. I am going to die, but f-this I will live by my own goddamn choice.


One could nitpick, but in simplicity there is beauty. I do like someone’s idea in choice of Alert sounds, but that’s just silly me wanting control over Death. This is brilliant.

Do y’all not think about your limited existence at all?

This is dumb af like i can’t periodically look up some quote by a depressed poet for free like I did when I was 15

A better alternative...

... to tattoos saying ‘Carpe Diem’!


Current version is pretty borked: 1. Quotes can become wedged and do not refresh. 2. Notifications are unreliable. I have gotten no more than 2 notifications in a given day. 3. No way to skip to new/previous quote. I do recommend buying it

One gong, bowl or bell away from 5 Stars

Many of my friends look at me askance when I mention that contemplation of impermanence includes contemplation of one’s death. I’m showing WeCroak to them every opportunity that arises. I think having a gong or bell or bowl option as the reminder alert would be a great improvement in an app that doesn’t need much.

Not so grim

I like the idea behind the app, but the execution confuses me. Many of the quotes are only incidentally related to Death.

Neat Idea.

4 Stars because I believe it needs a better time fence control.

Just what I need

So many things are more important than staring into the abyss of my phone. Now, when out of habit or addiction, I will be reminded that my days are numbered and to look up and live my life.

A philosopher’s dream...

...is to be reminded of death. - PJM

Turn your phone into a spiritual device

This is the best thing I’ve ever installed on my phone.

Gloom is just a passing shadow of a cloud

The end

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